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About us

10 years of grooming experience

Established in 2021 by Brandon, Mofu Pet House offer a wide range of grooming services for your pets. All pets deserved the best and we strives to provide all rounded best service for your pets.


As pet owners ourselves, we know the importance of pet safety and welfare. Our grooming products and equipment used at Mofu Pet House are of the best quality used by professionals.  We believe that every pet is unique and strive to ensure every pet feel safe and comfortable during their grooming session. Our appointments are scheduled according to services to ensure that adequate time is allocated to provide the best for every pet. 


Brandon has 10 years of experience in the pet industry. He has been recognised with numerous SKC certificates and awards. 

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Certified Class A 

Pet Groomer

Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) 2019

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Certified Class B 

Pet Groomer

Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) 2014

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Certified Class C 

Pet Groomer

Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) 2012


  • Overall Champion at 18th SKC Grooming 2019

  • 1st Prize Class A Best Technical Award 2019

  • 1st Prize Pet Style DGA 2015

  • 1st Prize Open Class 2013

  • 2nd Prize Class B Technical Award 2015

  • 2nd Prize Class Technical Award 2014 

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